A selection of writings by MLS members, some will be selected from the 'Mancunian',  others written specially for this site.

Local Rail News Pictures - Spring 2018 - Images by Peter Cross and Charlie Hulme

London to Manchester Express Workings at the end of the 19th Century - An article from the Mancunian - 2001

Trial by Camera - The Manchester Area in the 1970s - by Pete Bridge

Manchester Locomotives - A Report by Charlie Hulme

Minotaur's Final Journey - by Ken Millward

Chinley Station 1980

A mystery solved - by Ken Millward

A Short Review of the SLS /MLS Railtours - by Ken Millward

Deansgate Afternoon - A report by Charlie Hulme

With 50455 from Blackpool to York - 1st July 1951 - A contemporary account by Doug Darby

Freight Views - By Charlie Hulme

A First Impression - A trip on the inaugural north bound Midland Pullman by Arthur Chambers

A dozen 2-6-4 tank views

The Buxton Spa Express 2017

Mysteries from the Archives

L&Y Pug Railtour February 1967. Photo from the H D Bowtell Collection

Saxby & Farmer and Others - by Syd Williams


Thomas Cooke : Davenport's first Station Agent

Motive Power at Buxton Shed during the latter years - by David Young (From Mancunian no. 300)

Thomas Edmondson - Articles from Mancunian nos. 282 and 283 by Bob Miller and John Tate.

Manhattan Transfer - The history of a New York Interchange by Syd Williams.

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